Ghost Dances
A Savannah Family
Ghost Dances
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CHAPTER ONE: The Chippewa Square Phenomena, Part 1
The Pavilion Hotel (Savannah)
School, Hotel, Hospital (1813–1872)
The Suitor’s Suicide (1872)
Dramatic Exit (1876–1885)
Scaly Beast on the Bed (1885)
Excitement at the Academy (1886–1907)
Bumps in the Night (2001)

Edgefield Ghost (Edgefield, South Carolina, 1829)
Are We Visited by Angels? (Newnan, Coweta County, 1872)
A Strange Language (St. Augustine, Florida, 1872)
The Old Lawyer’s Ghost Story (New York, 1876)
Unearthly Sounds (High Shoals, Walton County, 1885)
A Wandering Noise (Homerville, Clinch County, 1885)
The Quarrel (Smithville, Lee County, 1886)
Footsteps (Sumter County, 1889)
Outhouse Sights (Athens, Clarke County, 1892)
Ghost in the Old Albany Jail (Dougherty County, 1922)

Gabriel’s Horn (Savannah, 1840’s)
Castle Dismal (Savannah, 1857)
Little Gray Man (Savannah, 1880’s)

CHAPTER FOUR: Manifestations
The Family Clock (Appling County, 1872)
Shaking House (Dodge County, 1886)
Scent of Sulphur (Newberry, South Carolina, 1888)
Mystery at Sister’s Church (Washington County, 1890)
Old House Lights (Charlton County, 1891)
Haunted House on the Satilla River (Ware County, 1893)
Barnard Street Bell (Savannah, 1906)
Thing Haunts 56th Street Home (Savannah, 1962)

CHAPTER FIVE: Dark Wind and Water
Water Ghost of Fox’s Creek (Augusta, 1878)
Creatures of Wahoo Creek (Coweta County, 1886)
Cyclone Rock (Clarke County, 1888)
Light From a Silver Stream (Ware County, 1888)
Voices of Blue Spring (Dougherty County, 1889)
Quivering Tree (Columbia County, 1889)
Spirit of Myrtle Pond (Brunswick, 1889)
Ghost Ship of the Swamp (Little Dismal Swamp, 1890’s)
Ride Among Ghosts (Ware County, 1893)
Unnatural Offspring (Screven County, 1895)

CHAPTER SIX: Haunted Railroads
Apparition on the Tracks (Macon & Brunswick, 1872)
Ghost of a Dead Brakeman (Western & Atlantic, 1872)
Express Car No. 1 (Atlantic & Gulf, 1873)
“Hurricane” is Missing! (Atlantic & Gulf, 1877)
Death Train (Central of Georgia, 1888)
Baldwin Light (Wilmington, Manchester & Augusta, 1889)
A Puzzled Conductor (Lawrenceville Branch Railroad, 1889)
Ghost Chase (Brunswick & Western, 1891)
Light on the Trestle (Waycross Air Line, 1893)
Train Wreckers (Southern Railroad, 1896)
Run of the One-Eleven (Plant System Railroad, 1901)
Mystery Pursuit in Night Sky (Southern Railroad, 1918)

CHAPTER SEVEN: The Bloody Walls (Savannah, 1909)
Elbert Square
Scene of the Crime
Maggie Hunter’s Premonition
Third Degree: J.C Hunter and Willie Walls
Third Degree: Bingham Bryan
The Trials
Cell 35, Habersham Street Jail
A Ceremony
True Confession?

The Rottenborough War (Milledgeville, 1828–1829)
The Day it Rained Alligators (Montgomery County, 1811)
Shower of Flesh & Blood (Coweta County, 1842)
Shower of Fish (Louisville, 1845)
Rain of Bones (Caroll Parish, Louisiana, 1872)
Out of Nowhere (Appling County, 1872)
Ball of Fire at Stewart’s Stable (Macon, 1875)
Electric Catfish (Pulaski County, 1875)
Shower of Snakes (Memphis, Tennessee, 1877)
Stone Shower of Social Circle (Walton County, 1877)
Clarke County Rock Showers (Clarke County, 1885)
The Rain Fall (Terrell County, 1886)
Hardeeville Floating Balls (South Carolina, 1889)
Mysterious Stone-Throwers (Denton, Texas, 1891)
Two Terrapins (Milledgeville, 1891, and Valdosta, 1895)
A Hull Mystery (England, 1897)
Where Rain Falls All the Time (Telfair County, after 1909)
Columbus Fish Fall (Muscogee County, 1910)
Airborne Eggs (Savannah, 1923)

CHAPTER NINE: The Chippewa Square Phenomena, Part 2
The Savannah Theater (Savannah)
Houses of God and the Devil (1818–1835)
Savannah Theater Ghosts
The Angel and the Thief (1827–1836)
“Votaries of Vice” (1865–1902)
“The Devil Took the Theater” (1906)

Jacksonboro (Screven County, 1821)
Peach Orchard Mystery (Warren County, 1820’s)
Devil’s Half Acre (Putnam County, 1833)
Spring Hill Redoubt Sword (Savannah and Columbus, GA)
Nemesis Sword (Screven County, 1870’s)


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