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Ghost Dances
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Ghost Dances     Authors Gordon and Anna bring their professional skills as lawyer and architect into play to delve into these old accounts. To each eerie narrative they have done what previous compilers have not: they searched the title to the land, reconstructed the buildings which stood on the site, and compiled the biographies of those who made them their homes.

    Even more unique is their conducting us on these mystical tours back down the pathways of forgotten, distant places, people, and events. Throughout this uncanny pilgrimage we encounter the lights and shadows of our past: great locomotives roaring through the early mists; stolid countrymen and women standing fast in the midst of things incomprehensibly crashing down around them; unintentional encounters with bizarre creatures in otherwise commonplace settings, and human endeavors—often futile—to reshape our humble surroundings. Though we may flinch from the encounter, we still must meet these unknowable specters, and face up to that which we fear.

    The book is divided into ten chapters, three site specific (Chippewa and Elbert Squares in Savannah). The other seven describe patterns of supernatural phenomena: Voices, Shades, Manifestations, Dark Wind and Water, Haunted Railroads, Sky Falls and Curses. Over seventy ghosts and extraordinary occurrences—ghosts that can be seen, heard and felt, others disembodied voices, groups of ghosts, fire scenes, lights, inanimate objects with a life of their own, half human emanations, train apparitions, things from the sky—the variety is as great as the landscape and people of the southern United States.

    This unique book is researched in exquisite detail and extensively illustrated with contemporary photographs and prints.

Boyd Publishing Company, Inc.
ISBN: 1-890307-40-8
Paperback, 248 pp
Library of Congress Control Number: 2004105409

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