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Map of Georgia showing principal towns, railroads and rivers, 1890
Map of downtown area of City of Savannah, Georgia, 1888
Aerial view of Chippewa Square, 1891
Stereopticon view of the Pavilion Hotel ca 1872
Fountain in Chippewa Square ca 1905
Stereopticon view of the Pavilion Hotel extension ca 1872
Stereopticon view of sphinxes in Forsyth Park ca 1872
Chatham Academy fire, 1899
Chatham Academy High School, ca 1908
Oglethorpe monument in Chippewa Square, 2003
1795 tombstone in Colonial Cemetery, 2004
Massacre of the Huguenots at Fort Caroline, Florida
“A source of terror to all the people miles around,” 1865
“An ‘object of interest’ to the entire community”
University of Georgia campus, Athens, 1854
The old jail, Albany, Georgia, 1885
Vaults in Colonial Cemetery, Savannah
Tomb of Archibald Bulloch in Colonial Cemetery
Chatham Artillery Armory, Savannah, ca 1900
Last page of Charles C. Jones’ notebook
“Track of the Specter”
Stereopticon view of Wright Square ca 1872
“With a weird buzzing noise, the hands began moving.”
“He stopped the clock, carefully examining the machinery.”
“The building commenced to shake.”
“Suddenly the garment became detached.”
“The house was then apparently in a blaze.”
New Barnard Street School, Savannah, 2004
The Savannah River at Augusta, 1872
The water looked like a stream of silver.
Blue Spring, Albany GA, 1920
Radium Springs Casino, ca 1997
Lanier’s Oak, The Marshes of Glynn, Brunswick, GA
Cypress Swamp, 1856
Stereopticon view of giant swamp tree, ca1870’s
Covered bridge across the Satilla River, ca 1910
The outer edge of the swamp
“That bird, or beast, or whatever you might call it”
The commercial center of Atlanta, 1887
Before the trains: Emigrants in Georgia
Bird’s-eye View of Chattanooga, Tennessee, 1864
Muscogee Rail Road, Complimentary Season Ticket, 1864
Drawing of “Frank B. Screven, Jan 29th /65”
“The earth had opened and swallowed it up.”
Train wreck at Blackshear, Pierce County, Georgia, 1888
Elbert and Liberty Squares, Savannah, in 1891
401 West Perry Street from Elbert Square, 1909
Plan of House where the murders were committed, 1909
401 West Perry Street from Montgomery Street, 1909
Inside the Habersham Street Jail, Savannah, ca 1978
Habersham Street Jail in 2003
Execution Cell of the Habersham Street Jail, 1892
“Alive and playful in the pools where they fell”
“Ejected from the cloud just passed over”
Old Capitol at Milledgeville Georgia, 1865
“An inhabitant of another region.”
They were wriggling and squirming around in all directions.
Banks on Bull Street, Savannah, 1920’s
Stereopticon view of Savannah Theater ca 1872
Independent Presbyterian Church, Savannah, ca 1901
The Mason Barney will sail this day, 17 April 1835
The Savannah Theater ca 1881
The Savannah Theater from Chippewa Square ca1884
The drastically altered Savannah Theater of 1895
Mephistopheles in Faust at the Savannah Theater. 1895
“There was an awful rustling in the trees.”
The “old Dell house” in Jacksonboro before restoration
“The stupendous meteor display in the heavens,” 1833
“D’Estaing Attaquant Savannah,” 9 October 1779
Central of Georgia cotton yards, Savannah, ca 1879’s

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