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“Appearance of ye monitors in action” by William Henry Elliott.
Map of Charleston Harbor by Percival Elliott.
“Shells and Flowers” by Percival Elliott.
Battery Gregg by Percival Elliott.


Joseph Habersham Jr. c.1820 aged 35. Oil portrait attributed to Nathaniel Jocelyn. [col. AHWS]

Bulloch-Habersham house, on Orleans Square in Savannah, designed by William Jay and built 1818–19. It was demolished in 1916. [col. Georgia Historical Society, Savannah]

Stairway of the Bulloch-Habersham house. [col. Georgia Historical Society, Savannah.

Alexander Telfair Habersham c.1850’s. [col. Georgia Historical Society, Savannah]

Office of Robert Habersham & Co. on Bay Street in Savannah taken in 1868. It was demolished about 12 years later. Robert Habersham is standing on the right wearing a tall hat. [col. Georgia Historical Society, Savannah]

Carte de visite of Robert Habersham in his 80’s c.1868. [col. of Arthur B. Elliott]

Mary Stiles Elliott in 1854 at age sixteen. [col. of C.H. Lee].

Silver tea service given as wedding present in 1854 to Mr. and Mrs. Frederic A. Habersham Sr. by James Wallace McAlpin. [photo 1998 AHWS]

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Habersham Sr.’s home, built 1855, on State Street in Savannah where they lived 1856–1861. [photo 1998 AHWS]

Carte de visite of Fred Jr., Margaret (“Meta”), and Charles Habersham, taken c.1866. They are aged about 9, 5 and 7. [col. Arthur B. Elliott]

Tintype of “Meta” Habersham, Annie Coleman, and Arthur Beverly Elliott, taken c.1868. They are aged about 7, 9, and 5. [col. Arthur B. Elliott]

John Mackay Elliott aged 23 taken in 1867. [col. C.H. Lee]

Ralph Elliott aged 21 taken in 1867. [col. C.H. Lee]

Carte de visite of Percy Elliott aged 22 taken 27 July 1863. [col. C.H. Lee]

Mrs. Robert Mackay in her 80’s c.1860. [col. Hugh Stiles Golson]

Watercolor of Mary Cowper Stiles (later Mrs. Andrew Low) aged 16 in 1848, painted in Vienna, Austria. [col. Andrew Low House Museum]

William Henry Stiles Jr. c.1862 aged 28. [col. Hugh Stiles Golson]

Robert Mackay Stiles c.1854 aged 17 as cadet at Georgia Military Institute in Marietta. [col. Georgia Historical Society, Savannah]

Elliott-Huger house on the NE corner of State and Abercorn Streets in Savannah. Built in 1826, it was demolished c.1920. [Georgia Historical Society,Savannah].

Garden of Elliott-Huger house with Oglethorpe Square beyond, taken 1904 or 1905. [col. C.H. Lee].

Mrs. Joseph Alston Huger Jr. (Mary Stiles Elliott) with her children in the garden of the Elliott-Huger house, taken in 1887. In the loquat tree are: Clermont, 4; Percy, 6; cousin Hattie Elliott, 7; Elise, 11; Emma, 7; and “Lina,” 9. [col. C.H. Lee]

Charlie Habersham aged 19 taken in March 1878. [col. Arthur B. Elliott]

Fred Habersham Jr. with (l–r) Mary, Jessie, and Katherine Mackay Low taken in January 1887. [col. Georgia Historical Society, Savannah]

The Andrew Low House, built 1848–49 on Lafayette Square in Savannah, is now a museum owned and operated by The National Society of The Colonial Dames of America in the State of Georgia. [Lawrence Bradley, photographer, HABS, Library of Congress; col. Georgia Historical Society, Savannah]

Wedding party of William Low and Juliette Gordon at the Gordon house, on Bull and Oglethorpe Streets in Savannah, on 21 December 1886. Fred Habersham Jr., best man at the wedding, is at William’s right in back row. [col. Georgia Historical Society, Savannah]

Wedding group at the Elliott-Huger house before “Elise” Huger’s wedding to Robert Harrison on 21 December 1897. Front Row (l–r) Arthur Beverly Elliott, Mrs. Joseph Alston Huger Jr., Fred Habersham Jr., Emma Huger; back row (l–r) Clermont, Percy, and Elise Huger, Robbie Harrison, Lina Huger, and T. Pinckney Huger. [col. C.H. Lee]

The parlor of the Elliott-Huger house in January 1900: (l–r) Mr. Welch of Los Angeles, Leila Elliott Habersham (a year before she died), sister Mary Elliott Huger with daughters Emma and “Lina” Huger. [col. C.H. Lee]

Rev. Robert Woodward Barnwell Elliott c.1880. [col. Arthur B. Elliott]. c. John Mackay Elliott, taken c.1894 in Los Angeles CA. [col. C.H. Lee]

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