A Savannah Family
A Savannah Family
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Preface & Introduction: by Anna Habersham Wright Smith

Elliott and Mackay family letters from Pendleton SC to
Beaufort SC and Savannah GA, 1835–1853

A Sketch of the Life of Frederic Augustus Habersham
written for his three little children by their mother
Leila Elliott Habersham the summer of 1863

I 1831–1854:
Fred’s heritage, schooling, and clerkship in New York and Savannah—courtship of Leila—death of Dr. Elliott and shift of summer base from Pendleton to North Georgia—marriage of Andrew Low to Mary Cowper Stiles—yellow fever—marriage of Fred and Leila in Savannah.

II 1855–Winter 1858:
Fred and Leila a part of Mrs. Elliott’s household—birth of Ralph (later renamed Frederic Augustus Jr.)—Summerland—setting up own home in Savannah—Georgia Hussars—happy family life.

III Spring 1858–1861:
Births of Charles and Margaret—Summerland—Habersham Christmas—death of Stephen Elliott Habersham—marriage of sister Mary Stiles Elliott and Robert Habersham Elliott.

IV 1861: The War commences
Fred a lieutenant in the Georgia Hussars—Fort Pulaski—Skidaway Island—Battle of Port Royal SC—family evacuates Savannah to stay at Summerland.

V November 1861–June 1862: Savannah
Fred resigns job and joins Chatham Artillery—Skidaway Island—fall of Fort Pulaski—death of Mrs. Robert Mackay—visit to Summerland—Fred’s departure for Virginia.

VI Summer 1862: Richmond
Fred volunteers with Pulaski Guards (Read’s Battery Light Artillery)—maneuvers around Richmond—in reserve.

VII September 1862: Maryland Campaign
March to Manassas—crossing the Potomac to Maryland—Battle of Harper’s Ferry—Battle of Sharpsburg—Winchester.

VIII October 1862–February 1863: Savannah
Leila ill—Fred returns to Summerland—Engineer Corps in Savannah—birth and death of their 4th child—Fred elected 2nd lieutenant in Pulaski Guards and departs for Virginia.

IX Spring 1863: In camp at Fredericksburg
Richmond—Hanover’s Junction—increased responsibilities in camp—Leila in Savannah learns Fred killed in battle.

X May 1863: Chancellorsville
Fred’s brother Robert and cousin R.W.B. Elliott retrieve Fred’s body—death of Stonewall Jackson—Fred’s funeral in Savannah—newspaper reports of battle—the war goes on.

XI Summer 1863: Friends and Family
Condolences in Savannah—return to Summerland.

Epilogue: Leila Habersham & her Family, 1863–1913

XII July–December 1863: Charleston Harbor
Brothers William and Percy Elliott at Battery Wagner—Percy as aide to Lieut. Col. Stephen Elliott Jr. at Fort Sumter.

XIII January 1864–June 1865: On all fronts
Defense of Fort Sumter—Sherman’s march—fall of Savannah—Percy rejoins Savannah Volunteer Guards—mortally wounded at Saylor’s Creek—Phoebe Elliott’s visit to Lincoln Hospital.

XIV 1865–1870: Brother John Mackay Elliott
John’s trek to Augusta from North Carolina—brother Ralph rescued—return to Savannah—emigration to California.

XV 1865–1913: The End of an Era
Summerland after Sherman—visit of Robert E. Lee to Savannah—marriages of Mary Elliott to Joseph A. Huger Jr. and of Margaret Habersham to Butler King Couper—Leila’s cooking school—deaths in Leila’s family—end of coastal rice industry—death of Leila—Fred Jr. in California.


Genealogies: Habersham, Elliott, Mackay families

Roster: The Pulaski Guards
Compiled from Unit Roster of Georgia Confederate Soldiers (Fraser’s Battery), newspaper articles, text of Sketch, and Census of Chatham County for 1860.

List of Illustrations and Photographs


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