History of the Georgia Militia Volume 4
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The histories of twenty-five representative volunteer companies, with rosters where pertinent. Among them are the GEORGIA HUSSARS, LIBERTY INDEPENDENT TROOP, RICHMOND HUSSARS, REPUBLICAN BLUES, McINTOSH LIGHT DRAGOONS, Volume 4MACON VOLUNTEERS, CRAWFORD VOLUNTEERS, FORT GAINES GUARDS, ALBANY GUARDS, and GATE CITY GUARD of Atlanta. Included for genealogists are units in counties that have lost their early records, such as Crawford, Dougherty, and McIntosh Counties. The work describes many of the medals, flags, and uniforms of the units. Military and political historians also will appreciate the account of Georgia involvement in the FILIBUSTERS from the close of the Mexican War to Georgia’s Secession: López, Gonzáles, the Order of the Lone Star, “the Grey-Eyed Man of Destiny,” Henningsen, and the Knights of the Golden Circle. In addition, there is included a chapter on the military history of BEAUFORT DISTRICT, SOUTH CAROLINA, which district has lost most of its early public records. The old Beaufort Volunteer Artillery, Beaufort District Troop, and other District companies had close ties with the Georgia Militia since Colonial days. (8.75x11.25, hard-cover; 394 pages)

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