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An introduction to the components of the General Militia and Volunteers, tracing the militia system from its organization by Oglethorpe in 1733, through the Revolutionary War, and then detailing each of the eight major conflicts in which the Georgia Militia served thereafter: OCONEE WARS, Volume 1EMBARGO WARS, WAR OF 1812, FIRST SEMINOLE WAR, SECOND SEMINOLE WAR, CREEK WAR OF 1836, CHEROKEE TROUBLES AND REMOVAL, and MEXICAN WAR. Eyewitness reports punctuate these heavily documented accounts. Lists of units in active service during the campaigns are appended—identified by county of origin where possible. Next are the biographies of 205 Georgia Militia generals. For historians, the more important Militia Acts of the Legislature are outlined, followed by a selection of General and Special Orders from the state chains of command. For genealogists, a list of battalion and regimental designations by county is included, along with a table of organization for the 27 brigades and 13 divisions of the Georgia Militia.(8.75x11.25, hard-cover; 423 pages)

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